About Charcuterie Outfitters

Charcuterie Outfitters is a local business in New Braunfels, TX. With a year of being in business, our chefs continue to use fresh ingredients and expert culinary techniques to prepare classic charcuteries. With our attentive staff, friendly customer service, and delicious set of food boards and boxes, our business provides the perfect and memorable meal for your event. We offer charcuterie in several applications - from individual cups, to hand burned boards and waterproof tackle boxes. Once a board or box is purchased, the customer is able to bring back it for a refill at a discounted price, which encourages the reduction of additional waste. We put an outdoor spin on traditional charcuterie. All of our charcuterie options can be ordered in a waterproof tackle box so that they can easily be packed in a cooler. We also offer wild game options in addition to traditional charcuterie meats. Our products feature an array of delectable gourmet dishes, and there is something to please everyone's palate. Contact Charcuterie Outfitters today for a great gourmet experience!